pondelok 5. marca 2018

How I Deal with Stress

Dear readers, today I want to talk about stress and how to deal with it. Because I am currently writing my dissertation, I am feeling stressed all the time. I have always been like this, always nervous about something. Very often it keeps me away from enjoying lots of things. I am trying to deal with it and remember that stress doesn’t help, it only makes things worse. I am not perfect and I am still struggling with it. I decided to tell what I usually do when I feel stressed and anxious.

1. Breathe 
First thing first, BREATHE! When I have a lot to do or I have something important ahead of me, I forget to breathe. I know that this may sound crazy but very often I realize that I am holding my breath when I am stressed and it makes me dizzy and overall not great. So every now and then, I remember to slow dawn, stop doing what I am doing at that moment and I take a few very deep breaths. And it is even better when you are outside and you are breathing the fresh air. Believe or not, but it feels amazing.

2. Take a break
If it is possible, take a break from what makes you anxious. Like me now, for example, when I am writing my dissertation and I don’t know what to write next, I step back and leave it for a moment. I will do something else instead to take my mind from it. I can assure you that when you come back to it, you will feel much better. When I have a writing block, I walk for a while (even inside the house) and ideas just come to me.

3. Physical activity
I love running, pilates or doing some cardio. I just feel amazing after working out. It is such an incredible feeling that makes me happy. I go for a run, usually in the morning so I can start the day feeling like a new person. My day is always so much better and I feel more productive. Find some physical activity that you like doing and do it when you feel stressed. You will notice the difference.

4. Books and music
Honestly, I am a bookworm. I love reading books. There is no such day when I don’t read at least a few pages. It makes me relaxed and calm when I am feeling nervous. So does music. I like listening to music even if I am studying. I don’t like when it is too quiet, I have to always hear some noise. To be completely open with you, sometimes I listen to some very sad music and I cry. Having a little cry is sometimes very liberating and it helps to get the feelings out. It doesn’t resolve the problem but you feel much better and confident to deal with it.

5. Talk
Just the other day, when I was speaking to my dearest friend and complaining about everything, she listened to me so patiently that I felt immediately better. I feel lucky to have persons around me with whom I can talk to. It is important to have person who will listen to you. I don’t expect that she/he will help me or give me advices, most of the time I just want to tell someone, just put it out there, get it out of me.

Share with me your tips to manage stress.

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  1. Taky jsem se dřív fakt dost stresovala, hlavně na gymplu, ovšem neříkám, že teď nejsou nějaké speciální situace, které mě prostě nenechají úplně chladnou. Ale taky se řídím podvědomě několika základními pravidly, jako nezapomenout na hluboký nádech, výdech, jít dělat chvíli něco jiného... Co narozdíl od Tebe moc nedělám, je o tom s někým mluvit. Je to celkem chyba, kterou si uvědomuju, ale dost často to prostě v sobě zamknu a rvu se s tím radši sama. O radu si řeknu nebo pokud jde o nějakou formu stresu, která není příliš osobní, se smíchem to ze sebe dostanu, ale ty vážnější věci chvíli prostě nepouštím ven... Super článek, musela jsem se nad tím zamyslet. :) Jinak super outfit, ♥ sluší ti to!