piatok 4. apríla 2014

Evening walk

Dear readers, I am so sorry for my long absence but I had so much stuff going on lately. Last week I was sick, I had a fever and I was feeling very bad. On Saturday my mom came to visit me again so I spent lovely time with her. We went for an evening walk and we took these photos. And on Wednesday I had an exam of economy and it was very difficult, but I hope I will pass it. Yesterday was my birthday and tomorrow I am going to the birthday party of my friend. You can see that my life at this moment is full of things, events and duties. I wish you a beautiful weekend. 

(P.S. Predávam pár vecí, keby ste mali záujem, pozrite sa sem: bazár)

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  1. Great outfit, dear)
    If you want, we can follow each other. Kisses